Marfeel CDN Package Activation FAQ

Before Marfeel premium publishers activate the Marfeel CDN package for blazingly fast speed, they might have a few questions. 

The following are some of the most common questions Marfeel has fielded from premium partners regarding the activation, setup, and management of the account. 

1) What type of account can Marfeel premium publishers expect?

Marfeel signed a massive deal with Fastly and has a premium account. That means that Marfeel premium publishers get all the features and advantages of a premium account such as:

For more information on how Marfeel leverages their new CDN provider with sophisticated engineering for blazingly fast page speed, see the How to Render a Mobile Site in 0.7 Seconds article. 

For details on some of the different features Fastly delivers, see Marfeel's Content Delivery Network.

2) Who sets up the account?

Marfeel manages the setup for Marfeel premium publishers within Marfeel's premium Fastly account.

The setup is entirely transparent and follows these simple parameters:

  • If the user-agent is supported by Marfeel, the request receives the Marfeelized version of the publisher's content. 
  • If the user-agent is not supported by Marfeel, the request receives the publisher's desktop version. 

3) How are the caching settings configured?

Marfeel's setup honors all the cache headers coming from the publisher's origins. It's important that the publisher has their cache headers correctly setup so that there are no undesired behaviors when the Marfeel CDN package is activated. 

4) Who manages the SSL certificates?

The SSL is managed by Marfeel with Fastly but the origin site must be prepared to support HTTPS (in order to avoid "mixed content errors"). 

It's ideal if the publisher has their origin over HTTPS and uses a self-generated certificate.

5) How will the locations of Fastly's POPs impact my pagespeed?

Before activation of the Premium CDN Package, a publisher's Marfeel version is loaded from through the JavaScript activation code which is already resolved at the CDN level. This means that a publisher's content is already being served from Fastly's POPs according to their global network which can be viewed here

Activating Marfeel's Premium CDN Package can only improve a publisher's pagespeed; not the opposite. The ultimate gain is because Marfeel enables device detection on the server side instead of relying on JavaScript which should accelerate render time by more than one second.