Marfeel CDN Package - Cache-Control Values

Marfeel imposes some values for cache-control in order to provide the best cache policies possible.

The table bellow presents the minimum and maximum values allowed and the default to be applied in case of non compliance (*).


When a partner defines a "cache-control" header in their origin:

 Type minimum maximum default
html 1 minute 1 day 1 minute
css/js 30 day 45 days 30 days / 45 days *
images 30 days 45 days 30 days / 45 days *
other 1 minute 1 day 1 minute / 1 day *

*If the value is lower than the "minimum," Marfeel applies the "minimum." On the other hand, if the value is higher than the "maximum," this value will be the one to be applied.

**For compliance, Marfeel will honour the value defined by the partner.


In other cases, when the partner does not define a "cache-control" header:

Type minimum maximum default
html N/A N/A 1 minute
css/js N/A N/A

45 days

images N/A N/A

45 days

other N/A N/A 1 day