In the past, duplicate articles from the same uri needed to be removed manually. 

However adding the following flag on the WhiteCollar removes all the duplicate articles based on their uri:

document.whitecollar.removeDuplicates = true

Types of article in the WhiteCollar

The following are the types of articles in the WhiteCollar:

  • Normal articles - articles extracted from the WhiteCollar by the user
  • Widget articles - articles extracted from the WhiteCollar that are marked as widgets (for example, balcones)
  • data-mrf-order articles - articles that have a data-mrf-order attribute on the customer's page. These articles are concatenated with the aforementioned normal articles during the extraction. 

Priority followed

If a duplicate article is detected, the following priority is followed:

widget articles > data-mrf-order articles > normal articles

This means that if a duplicate article is detected and one is in normal articles and the other is in widgets, the one in widgets will be kept and the one in normal articles will be removed.