To activate Facebook Instant Articles, a publisher must first send an email to our Customer Success team requesting this. 

For the actual activation process, Marfeel makes the majority of the configurations in the partner's Facebook page, however, there is also a minor step that must be performed by the publisher. 


Marfeel requires access to the partner's Facebook page as an editor in order to make the configurations necessary to activate their Instant Articles. Access should be granted to

Marfeel also requires that the publisher share their Facebook app ID with Marfeel, so Marfeel can provide them with administrator rights to Marfeel's Facebook developer's account to publish their Instant Articles. For more information on how to access your Facebook app ID, see this article in Facebook's Help Center. 

Accepting Marfeel's invitation

When Marfeel sends an invitation to a partner providing them with access to Marfeel's Facebook app, the publisher receives a notification that can be accessed in their notification center

As soon as the partner accepts the invitation, they can access all their activated Instant Articles and start publishing. 

Marfeel Configurations

Marfeel configures all the information Facebook needs to activate a client's Instant Articles and ensures that everything is working properly.

For more information regarding the activation process followed, see the official Facebook Instant Articles documentation.

We also configure the design of the publisher's Facebook Instant Articles that replicates the look and feel of their current site and reinforces a consolidated brand identity across all channels their content is available. The client can always change these design configurations and use the different templates Facebook offers to customize their Instant Article pages. 

For more information regarding the design options available, see the design section of the Instant Articles documentation.

The client's analytics are also put in place and any monetization accrued from Facebook Instant Articles are aggregated in the publisher's Marfeel Insight dashboard.

This configuration process that Marfeel performs ensures that the publisher's current and future articles appear inside the Instant Articles section of the Publishing Tools tab of their Facebook page. From here, the client can control and select their articles that they would like to publish as Facebook Instant Articles. 

Client Configurations

For Instant Articles to be published, Facebook requires that you claim your URL.

To do this you must add the following <meta> tag inside the <head> tag of your website:

<meta property="fb:pages" content=XXXXX" />

The XXXXX in the above snippet must be replaced with the information found in the following path of your Facebook page: Settings > Instant Articles > Tools > Claim your URL.

For more information on registering your URL for Instant Articles, see the official documentation for developers.