Activating your new Marfeel Mobile Site for WordPress is only a few steps away.

As we've been toiling away to provide your readers with a revolutionary user experience and increase your ad revenue, all you need to do is change a few settings and implement the code we sent you by following these simple 8 steps. 

Step 1

On the “Dashboard” of your blg click “Appearance” on the left menu

Step 2

Make note of the name of your Active blog theme

Step 3

Under the category “Appearance” on the left menu go to “Editor”

Step 4

Select your Active Theme from the pull down menu on the top right

Step 5

Click on the file “header.php”

Step 6

Look through your code for a line saying “<head>”

Step 7

Directly below the line saying “<head>” is where you must paste our code.

Partners on the bc.marfeelcache domain.

<script data-mrf-script="garda" data-mrf-host="" src="" data-cfasync="false"></script> 

Partners on the b.marfeelcache domain.

<script data-mrf-script="garda" data-mrf-host="" src="" data-cfasync="false"></script> 

Step 8

Deactivate any additional elements on Wordpress that affect the mobile version of your site

If you have any questions or concerns about setting up your site please contact us at
Enjoy your blog optimized for tablets and smartphones wth Marfeel’s design!

Please note, if you have an with a server-side redirection, this must be disabled to ensure only one unique URL is used for both your desktop and mobile sites.