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  • Monetization - Slide

    How Marfeel helps publishers optimize their revenues.

  • Inventory Management

    Detailed information on how a publisher's ad inventory is managed.

  • Advertisement KPIs

    An overview of the KPIs used to measure ad performance.

  • Ad Servers

    The Ad servers the Marfeel solution supports.

  • Ad Networks

    The Ad networks the Marfeel solution supports.

  • DMP Support

    All the data management platforms (DMP) the Marfeel solution supports. 

  • RTB Ecosystem

    A comprehensive overview of real-time-bidding.

  • Marfeel Link

    Details regarding Marfeel Link.

  • Marfeel Sonar

    An explanation of Marfeel Sonar.

  • Marfeel Twister

    Everything you need to know about Marfeel Twister.

  • Native Ads Support

    All the native providers the Marfeel solution supports.

  • Low quality Ads

    Dealing with low quality ads

  • Prebid.org Info Sheet

    Prebid is an open-source library and community that helps publishers implement Header Bidding on their websites and apps. Whilst initially renowned as a pioneer in client-side header bidding, Prebid.org creates other ‘unbiased programmatic monetization solutions’ for premium publishers, including server-side header bidding. 

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