Today's publishers have multiple revenue streams which means managing the complexity of aggregating inputs from several sources. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process as publishers must log in to multiple systems and aggregate revenues manually to see the total revenue a site has produced.

Managing complexity

Marfeel Connect completely removes this complexity. It aggregates all the revenue streams a customer has in one place to provide a one-stop-shop for all their different revenue streams. Publishers no longer need to log in to 10 different systems to have a holistic understanding of their revenue performance and their visit yield. 

This provides unparalleled visibility to make the empowered strategic decisions to maximize revenue for all of a publisher's mobile sites if they have more than one.


Marfeel Connect is provided right off-the-shelf without any integration or IT support needed. 

To add revenue streams, publisher's just need to independently select the ones they want to aggregate in the Insight dashboard. For more information on adding revenue streams, see the Connect or Disconnect a Data Provider article. 

Publishers are also empowered with the same features to manipulate the KPIs displayed in the dashboard. For more information on how to filter by revenue streams, see the Marfeel Connect Filters article.

Data analysis

For Marfeel, Connect empowers Marfeel's data analysts with the visibility to effectively pursue Marfeel's bottom line for all customers: to maximize the ARPU or Yield per visit. 

Connect equips Marfeel's data analysts with a comprehensive and holistic picture into a publisher's revenue streams and their relationship with engagement to address any monetization variations that occur before and after Marfeel activation, and provide revenue estimations with much more precision. 

For more information on the revenue streams Marfeel Connect aggregates, see the Marfeel Connect Data Providers article.