With mobile quickly establishing itself as the commanding device to access the internet, the way publishers monetize their mobile content is vital to their survival, success, and prosperity.

Marfeel understands the crucial role a customer's monetization strategy monetization strategy plays in the success of their publication and is why maximizing a publisher's ad revenue is a key pillar of the Marfeel solution. Specifically, Marfeel is driven by the objective to maximize the average revenue generated per user for every customer through an optimized UX that increases engagement and a highly sophisticated ad setup.

This unwavering commitment and endeavor is achieved through Marfeel's extensive expertise and constant analysis of advertising in the mobile ecosystem, in addition to clever algorithms and the SSP (Supply-side Platform) team dedicated to the continuous enhancement of RTB (real-time bidding) to maximize revenue. 

The dedication and emphasis on the optimization of its publishers' advertising infrastructures is a key reason the Marfeel solution has been able to improve monetization efforts by 350% and increase revenue per visit by 175% for some customers.

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