A publisher's advertising ecosystem is fundamental to their monetization strategy and success. But to promote an optimal UX and rich reading experience that drives traffic and engagement, publishers must balance this strategy with quality ads that are relevant for their readers.   

Marfeel is committed to bolstering the integrity of a publisher's inventory by preventing any sensitive or contentious ads from being displayed. By default, the Marfeel solution blocks the following ad categories out-of-the-box to guarantee a publisher's inventory quality:

  1. Black Magic, Astrology, and Esoteric 
  2. Dating 
  3. References to Sex and Sexuality
  4. Sexual and Reproductive Health
  5. Cosmetic Procedures and Body Modification
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Drugs and Supplements
  8. Get Rich Quick
  9. Politics
  10. Religion
  11. Ringtones and Downloadables
  12. Social Casino Games
  13. Video Games (Casual & Online)
  14. Gambling and Betting (18+)