The way a publication's ad inventory is managed has a direct impact on a publisher's revenue generation and the UX they deliver to their valued readers.

Marfeel manages a customer's ad inventory with two intertwined objectives in mind: To promote an organic and optimal UX while maximizing ad revenue.

To accomplish this, the Marfeel solution is engineered with the strategies and behaviors in place that optimize a publisher's ad inventory while boosting performance and increasing engagement. This is meticulously carried out through a finely-tuned balance to maximize the ad revenue accumulated while providing a seamless reading experience through Marfeel's revolutionary UX and the default and configurable behaviors of how ads are loaded, inserted, and positioned in the Marfeel solution.

Marfeel's proven ability to manage publishers' ad inventory with finesse and proficiency is how Marfeel has been able to boost key revenue and engagement metrics for customers as demonstrated through several case studies available at like that saw an 80% jump in reading time, a 200% rise in traffic levels, and 450% increase in monetization after activation, or that enjoyed 150% growth in time spent per session and doubled its total revenue after going live with the Marfeel solution.

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