Understanding the way readers interact with a publisher's content across all devices is integral to making the decisions that promote growth and maximize engagement.

Marfeel integrates seamlessly with a publisher's existing analytic systems, delivering a continuous, unified understanding of their audience. Because of the value and importance each customer's analytics vendor represents, the Marfeel platform supports the following analytics vendors. 

  1. Alexa  
  2. Amplitude  
  3. Chartbeat  
  4. comScore  
  5. DataXpand
  6. Effective Measure
  7. Facebook Audience Insights
  8. Gemius
  9. Google Analytics v2
  10. Clicky
  11. IVW Analytics
  12. Jetpack
  13. Lotame
  14. Nielsen
  15. .io (onthe)
  16. Parse.ly Analytics
  17. Piwik
  18. Quantcast
  19. StatCounter
  20. Tealium
  21. Universal Analytics (Google Analytics v3)
  22. varys
  23. Webtrekk
  24. XiTi
  25. Yandex Metrica

If a customer's analytics vendor is not listed here, all they have to do is inform Marfeel of the system they use and Marfeel's talented engineers will examine the effort required and take the necessary steps for integration.