Publishers need to reinforce their brand in a competitive marketplace any way they can. 

To promote brand recognition, enhance UX once the user is engaged with content, and promote engagement, the Marfeel solution introduces collapsable UI elements in specific scenarios. 

When a user accesses a publisher's article through a deeplink, the logo and sections indicator are prominent reminders of the publisher's brand and that there's a wealth of content to explore. 

As the user scrolls down the article becoming more engrossed in the content, the sections indicator slowly fades away and is replaced with swipe bullets. This allows the rich content and images to fully captivate the reader while simultaneously promoting seamless content discovery. The publisher's logo and lateral (hamburger) menu however, remain constants for empowered brand recognition.

The effect is reversed as the user scrolls back up the page – the editorial section bar is snapped back into place as a poignant reminder of the different options on hand to discover content to maximize recirculation.