It's vital that publishers capitalize on all the traffic consuming their content to maximize engagement through recirculation. The users accessing content through referrals, organic searches, or social channels must be encouraged to discover more content and increase impressions through pageviews. 

To promote recirculation for article details that are deeplinked through the article URL, the Marfeel solution delivers two prominent behaviors that maximize content discovery and engagement. 

Sections mosaic header

When a publisher's article details are accessed through a deeplink, the sections mosaic header is displayed for various reasons with a calculated behavior to promote recirculation. Primarily, it serves to reinforce the publisher's strong brand identity through a prominent logo and displays the sections indicator to show the full depth of a publication and encourage navigation to other sections. 

As the user scrolls through the article and becomes engaged in the content, the sections indicator recedes to maximize readability and UX. At this point, it's replaced with the articles pager to promote swiping and the elevated engagement that comes with it.

As soon as the user scrolls back up the page, the sections indicator snaps back into place to further promote recirculation.

Sections mosaic

At the end of an article accessed with a deeplink via the article URL, the Marfeel solution displays the home sections mosaic, presenting the full range of a publisher's relevant content for that section to promote recirculation and maximize the pageviews and impressions registered. 

For more information regarding deeplinking, see the Deeplinking article.