The rate at which publishers produce content has grown exponentially. While new material is key to feed a growing and hungry audience, this also means that a lot of content gets lost in the pile as it's pushed back by newer pieces. 

An objective of the Marfeel solution is providing the features and behaviors that allow users to easily find this content in the depth of a publication.

The bullet pager is one such feature. It's a bar at the bottom or top of a mobile page that indicates that more content is available and the user's location in that content.

The prominent intention behind the bullet pager is to subtly yet effectively facilitate the swipe feature to users and amplify recirculation. Marfeel's research shows that once a user taps into the behavior of swiping, impressions and pageviews skyrocket, leading to surges such as 200% increases in pageview growth rate and 80% boosts in reading time.