In some cases publishers solely deeplink to section or home pages with the belief that these pages reinforce their brand and provide better engagement opportunities. Not only can the sole use of this practice negatively impact rank, but it can also increase the bounce rate because instead of being directed to the article a user expects to see, they land on a home or section page.

The Marfeel solution, however, provides a default behaviour that deeplinks to articles with the article URL.

Deeplinking articles directly to article details enhances SEO and a publisher's link profile, not to mention delivering content a user targets in a search. It also limits the bounce rate because the user sees exactly what they wanted and expected to see. 

In addition, to promote brand recognition and awareness in smartphones, the Marfeel solution displays the mosaic header when an article is accessed through a deeplink while increasing content discovery options as well. When a smaller device is detected however, the header is collapsed as explained in the Collapsable UI article to enhance readability.

A challenge for publishers that use deeplinks to articles with the article URL is how to entice the user to explore the rest of the site's content they didn't target in their search. 

To promote content discovery and maximize pageviews in Marfeelized sites, the sections mosaic is displayed at the bottom of the article details in smartphones when the article is accessed through a deeplink. This encourages increased navigation and entices the user to access more of a publisher's content.