Google Analytics is an analytics service provided by Google that tracks and reports engagement and traffic metrics for a publisher's website. 

To aggregate a Google Analytics account to Marfeel Connect:

  1. Click Reporting in the side panel, and inside Reporting select Connect.
  2. Go to the top bar where you can see the 3 dots (...) and click it.
  3. Select the New provider and click Google Analytics.
  4. Then New connector section, which leads you to the list of all the providers you can connect to the dashboard, and click Google Analytics.

  5. Click Allow to provide Marfeel with permission to access the engagement data from your Google Analytics account and aggregate it in Marfeel Insight. 
  6. In the Analytics Profile field, select the account you want to connect and then click Select

The accounts available are listed according to their profile ID (for example, UA-xxxxxxxx-x). Your profile ID can be found in your Google Analytics dashboard. 


If you only have one account associated to your profile ID, it is automatically selected. To get started with Marfeel Connect as the one-stop-shop for all your revenue streams, click here.