In the Enterprise business model, Marfeel manages all of a publisher's ad space inventory.

The benefit of this model - and the reason Marfeel strongly recommends it - is that clients have the opportunity to take advantage of Marfeel's leading expertise in mobile and leverage its one-point integration to multiple ad exchanges, top ad networks, premium advertisers, and its acute intelligence in maximizing ad revenue through these channels.  

This model specifically, is how Marfeel has been able to improve monetization efforts by 350% or triple mobile revenue in some cases. 

How it works

Marfeel optimizes RTB (real-time bidding) in the Enterprise business model and auctions off impressions in an individualized technique that optimizes ad space and value on the back of sophisticated algorithms. There is no configuration or integration required, as Marfeel takes care of all ad spaces to optimize the revenue they generate in publisher's Marfeelized mobile site.

There is also the ability for publishers to maintain 5% of their ad inventory to serve direct campaigns in the Enterprise model if they choose to do so. 

For prospects interested in this model, revenue estimations can be provided.

For revenue estimations, traffic projections are conservative. The more information a publisher shares with Marfeel, the more accurately they'll be able to predict results when a client goes live and activates their Marfeel solution.