In the Enterprise business model, Marfeel offers publishers the ability to maintain up to 5% of their ad inventory in cases where customers might want to serve direct campaigns.

To efficiently manage this and ensure that the rest of the publisher's ad inventory generates the maximum revenue possible, the 5% of inventory that customers retain follows the below guidelines. 

Position and format

The percentage of inventory that customers retain is specifically for inline ad spaces and to serve direct campaigns.

Other formats like native ads or overlays (for example sticky ads or interstitials) are not included in this 5% and will be reviewed separately.

The 5% of inventory is also randomly chosen for each inline position. This means that some articles might not have any publisher-managed impressions, whereas other articles might have more than one. 

Ad server

Publishers that choose to keep 5% of their inventory must provide an ad server (for example, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)) to Marfeel. This ensures publishers can have total control to traffic their deals directly and obtain their revenue metrics and KPIs (impressions, click-through rate, etc.) without having to request it. 

No campaigns served

If the publisher chooses to maintain this 5% but doesn't serve any campaigns, Marfeel will keep the ad positions as part of the Enterprise business model so that a customer's valuable inventory continues to generate revenue.