When implementing a publisher's Facebook Instant Articles, Marfeel can also establish the following Call-to-Action (CTA) units that Instant Articles support:

  • Email Newsletter Sign-up
  • Page Likes.

These CTA elements help publishers increase engagement by boosting recurring visits through the newsletter and increasing exposure in the Facebook app via added "likes."

Email Newsletter Sign-up unit

The Email Newsletter Sign-up is a field for users to enter their email address to receive a publisher's email updates. The generation and delivery of newsletters is managed by publishers. For more information on the Email Newsletter Sign-up unit how to access the email addresses entered by users, see Facebook's Call-To-Action Units article.


To implement the Email Newsletter Sign-up for a Marfeel partner's Facebook Instant Articles, Marfeel needs the publisher to provide the following, so a Marfeel engineer can complete the following form requested by Facebook:

  • The headline for the Email Newsletter Sign-up
  • Its body text
  • A link to the publisher's privacy policy
  • A confirmation message to be displayed when a user enters their email address.

The Style is completed by Marfeel.


Page Likes unit

The Page Likes unit invites users to like a publisher's Facebook page. When "liked," users receive updates and posts made by publishers in their Facebook page, driving traffic to their content. For more information regarding this unit, see Facebook's Call-To-Action Units article.


To implement the Page Like unit, Marfeel only requires the title the publisher would like to give the unit for tracking purposes.