A multi-channel approach to maximize audience acquisition and ad revenue garnered from those added channels is a key strategy for all publishers. 

To optimize a customer's ad setup for their multi-dimensional approach, Marfeel can configure different ad types for Google AMP articles. 

The following is an example of an ad configuration for Google AMP with different ad types:

"advertisement": {
	"adservers": {
		"facebook": { 
			"placementId": "1903398249887288_1906971006196679" 
		"adSense" : { 
			"width": "300", 
			"height": "250", 
			"adClient" : "ca-pub-8330330673974283", 
			"adSlot" : "2448532553" 
		"adsBelowTopMedia320": { 
			"adServer": "adSense", 
			"adClient" : "ca-pub-8330330673974283", 
			"width": "320", 
			"height": "100", 
			"adSlot" : "1623090955" 
	"placements" : { 
		"sRoba" : "adSense", 
		"adsBelowTopMedia320": "adsBelowTopMedia320" 

In placements, Marfeel can add another configuration for certain ad types. In the above example, the ad type is adsBelowTopMedia320.

When the placement is set, Marfeel must add the configuration with the same name in the ad server.

In this configuration, Marfeel must set the ad server to be used. In the above example, the adserver has been set as adSense.

Usage Example