Google Ad Exchange is an ad network or real-time marketplace where publishers sell their ad inventory.

Activation code snippet

new Adex(<template>, <options>)
template (Optional parameter)
options (Optional parameter)


To add options to the integration of Ad Exchange, it must be an object like the following:

key1: value1,
key2: value2,

The template must be an HTML file Marfeel imports and is loaded with Ad Exchange code. It should follow a schema similar to adexCustomer.html (the template by default used on AdExchange).

Tips and tricks

A common practice Marfeel uses is to look for the following code in a publisher's source code to see if they are using Google Ad Exchange:

It's important that Marfeel identifies if Ad Exchange is being used directly, or if it's Ad Exchange under DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). 

To see how Marfeel determines if publishers are using DFP, see the Tips and Tricks section in the DoubleClick for Publishers Details article. 

Common pitfalls

There are not many points of conflict for Google Ad Exchange. Marfeel has everything in place in their Ad Exchange account and can switch it on with its values by default, leaving little to no room for mistakes to be made. 

Integrating a customer's Ad Exchange account also provides limited complexity.

Usage example