The distribution channels where readers access content is continually increasing. To remain competitive, relevant, and increase their audience, publishers capitalize on all the channels readers use to consume news and entertainment. 

Competing with the likes of Apple News and Flipboard, Google Newsstand is another news aggregator that's available as an app (already bundled with Android devices) or viewed through the Google Play website. 

Similar to other apps of the same nature, users determine their own feeds through the topics and publishers they select. 

How Google Newsstand works

After an initial setup process, publishers can push their content to Google Newsstand through supported feeds. 

When an article is pushed for publication, it is reconfigured from its original format but publishers can moderately customize the look and feel of their "edition" or format.

Marfeel-produced Google Newsstand articles

Marfeel seamlessly establishes a publisher's supported feeds to have their content distributed on Google Newsstand, promoting one brand across all channels to consolidate a single, strong identity.

From a monetization perspective, Marfeel-produced Google Newsstand articles are monetized through Marfeel's normal channels, delivering a unified strategy geared to maximize ad revenue. 

For more information regarding Google Newsstand, see the Newsstand Producer Help.