A key element to every publisher's holistic strategy is to maximize their audience base. In an increasingly competitive landscape where the major platforms are continually vying for the reader's loyalty and the revenue generated from this traffic, publishers must adopt a multi-channel strategy; their content needs to be accessible on numerous channels in order maximize readership. 

As a response to Google Newsstand and Flipboard, Apple has developed Apple News - their own platform and app to distribute news articles, currently only available in English. 

Constantly working on the edge of mobile evolution, Marfeel implements publishers' Apple News articles out-of-the-box, adding another element to the 360o Marfeel solution, and staying true to their commitment of rolling out all the latest technologies and industry developments to customers. 

How Apple News works

Apple News is a mobile app, bundled with iOS that functions as a news aggregator. The news articles are displayed within the app, according to the topics and publishers the user selects. 

Essentially, publishers push article content to Apple's platform which accepts very specific formats for article submission, although minimal customizations can be made. 

Apple maintains control of the UI (user interface), page speed, analytics, and monetization. Publishers just provide the articles with specific look and feel specifications and Apple manages the rest of the process.  

Marfeel-produced Apple News articles

Marfeel establishes the supported feeds or the JSON descriptive Apple News Format necessary so the articles can be extracted from the publisher's site and pushed to the app. 

Beyond the added channel to maximize audience acquisition, the most significant benefit of Marfeel-produced Apple News articles is the promotion of a publisher's unified brand and consolidated look and feel across all the channels their content is available.

For more information regarding Apple News, see the News Publisher Resources and Support pages or read the Marfeel blog post about it.