Inline related articles is a slider with a set of tiles in the body of a publisher's article details. It promotes the other articles within the same section and the only thing that differentiates it from the next articles preview is its inline placement. 

It's a pivotal recirculation strategy that Marfeel employs to encourage content discovery by adding more options for the users to interact with and consume more content.

The rationale behind its placement within the article itself is to target the users that don't scroll through the entire length of the article and reach the other recirculation efforts - like the next article and next section previews - that Marfeel has in place.

When testing this feature before integrating it universally in the product, it led to 5% more users interacting with another article in the publication when inline related articles were displayed. 

Naturally, this along with the other suite of recirculation strategies are what contribute to the dramatic improvement in engagement and decrease in bounce rate publishers experience when activating their Marfeel PWA, with some seeing a 160% rise in session time or even a 32% decrease in bounce rate.