To provide an elegant and fluid UX that drives engagement, Marfeel continuously analyzes user behavior by tracking and analyzing billions of events through analytics. This analysis empowers Marfeel to objectively identify what works and what doesn't from a UX standpoint. It also provides the empirical evidence that guides every decision to enhance the UX behaviors and features that boost engagement to not only increase revenue, but also strengthen a brand.  

While the events that Marfeel monitors are countless, the following lists indicate a sample of KPIs that are analyzed to continuously optimize a reader's mobile experience: 


  • Swipe left in the section mosaic
  • Swipe right in the section mosaic
  • Open the article details
  • Close the article details
  • Swipe left in the article details
  • Swipe right in the article details
  • Open the image gallery
  • Close the image gallery
  • Zoom in 
  • Zoom out
  • Swipe left in the image gallery
  • Swipe right in the image gallery
  • Continuous swipe in the section mosaic
  • Continuous swipe in the article details
  • Navigate to a section mosaic by tapping the sections indicator
  • Tap the lateral menu
  • Access the next section from the sharing bar
  • Access the next article from the sharing bar
  • Open article details from the next sections preview
  • Open article details from the next articles preview
  • Open article details from the inline next articles preview.

Device capabilities

  • Device
  • Device type
  • Device orientation (landscape or portrait).


  • Open a share popup
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook quote share
  • Twitter share
  • Twitter from article excerpt
  • Facebook from article excerpt.


  • /home/home.default.html
  • /home/home/p1
  • /home/home/p2
  • /home/international/p1
  • /{marfeel_name}/{section_id}/{page_number}.