Marfeel recommends that publishers leave all advertising monetization to them so they can ensure that a publisher's page is displaying only top-paying ads with optimized impression rates that moderate quality and income over value. However, Marfeel also offers the One Ad Impression per Page pricing structure as a model that provides clients with a little more control over their ad space. 

One ad impression per page

In the One Ad Impression per Page business model, the publisher allows Marfeel to use one fixed ad space on their page that will run a premium ad that Marfeel maintains control of. 

Marfeel never takes the first and top positions. This is always reserved for the publisher. Instead, they take the very next ad space. If the article is very short, they won't take any position at all. 

How it works

For this particular business model, Marfeel plugs in the publisher's ad server tags in all the positions in the inventory so the customer will have full control of them from their ad server. In order to integrate these ads, Marfeel only requires the JavaScript tags.  

On the home page and the different landing sections, the impressions are made where agreed. 

In the article details sections, the system makes impressions inline between paragraphs depending on the different aspects that were decided between the publisher and Marfeel. 

The ad impressions that are agreed on can be lazy and made only when the ad is about to appear on the viewport. For more information on this approach, see the Lazy Loading article. 

Clients also have the option of making impressions straight away without the lazy loading approach, if, for example, they are serving a direct ad campaign.