An optimally smooth UX that delivers immaculate transitions and mimics the act of flipping through a magazine is an essential asset for all publishers. This performance and smoothness is part of how Marfeel maximizes engagement, leading to the 160% increase in session time or 500% boost in pageviews partners some have enjoyed, which ultimately translate to more impressions and ad revenue. 

To provide publishers with the industry-leading UX that drives engagement, Marfeel preloads certain parts of a publisher's pages to optimize transitions and promote seamless navigation. This contributes to an optimal UX because when users swipe to a next article or section, the transition is instantaneous and smooth, encouraging increased content exploration and pageviews.  

In these cases, Marfeel consumes more data than they would have otherwise. On the other hand, for all other page elements of a publisher's Marfeelized mobile site (images, ads, custom widgets, etc.), Marfeel is as frugal as possible in the continual effort to optimize performance and speed by minimizing resources. 

The result of its sophisticated design and engineering is that on a global scale, Marfeel doesn't consume more data than an average page would.