A challenge publishers face is promoting recirculation when users access their AMP pages from Google's Top Stories carousel or the search results. 

To reduce the bounce rate and maximize content discovery, Marfeel-produced AMP pages contain several behaviors and features to deliver added engagement.

Smartphone mosaic header

Marfeel-produced AMP pages are vested with the smartphone mosaic header which serves as a strong reminder of the publisher's brand and maintains the following features to recirculate users to the publishers Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA):

Home section mosaic

To further reinforce recirculation and added engagement, Marfeel-produced AMP pages also display the home section mosaic at the end of the article, enticing the user to access a publication's other top articles of the day.

When an article is accessed from the home section mosaic in a publisher's AMP page, the user is directed to the customer's Marfeel PWA, loaded with all the other recirculation features Marfeel provides to maximize content discovery.

Next section indicator

The bottom of Marfeel-produced AMP pages also displays the next sections indicator to bolster increased engagement. For more information, see the Next Sections Indicator article.