To provide partners with the most efficient and timely support possible, it's crucial that publishers report and identify only one issue in each email they send to or create in Marfeel's Help Center.

If partners have multiple queries, Marfeel strongly recommends they be communicated in separate emails in order to accelerate the resolution time. 

Communicating only one issue per email ensures that the query can be instantly analyzed, prioritized, and forwarded to the appropriate Marfeel team. It also allows Marfeel to identify the issues that don't require extensive technical investigation and forward them through accelerated channels in the Fast Path Support process for a swift resolution. 

On the other hand, emails with several queries and requests demand the time to assess each issue separately and dispatch them to the appropriate teams to be resolved, unnecessarily delaying the resolution process.

To properly manage requests, it's also important that new issues or topics be opened in a new email thread so Marfeel can provide the highest quality of support and resolution speed.