Distinguishing the traffic across the different channels a publisher's content is accessed is crucial to understanding user behavior and provides the essential insight needed to guide strategic decisions to maximize engagement and revenue.

Making the distinction between sessions from Facebook Instant Articles and the sessions from a Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA) is an important practice for all Marfeel customers. To empower publishers, Marfeel uses the same analytics and traffic is consolidated on the same accounts.

How Facebook Instant Articles audience is tracked

When Marfeel is used to push articles with Facebook Instant Articles, Marfeel embeds the tracking tags for the publisher's analytics vendors to track their audience across that channel. 

Marfeel hosts a customer's Facebook Instant Articles the same way it hosts their Marfeelized mobile site. From an analytics perspective, if it's a Facebook Instant Article, nothing changes - the audience attribution goes to the publisher's analytics vendor. 

Google Analytics segment

Marfeel already has the following segment created in Google Analytics: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=S5HbtyRvTce4kFuavleWgw and the variable is data-source: marfeel_fbinstant.

For more information on Facebook Instant Articles analytics, see Facebook's official documentation.