To optimize smoothness and perception times, the Marfeel solution's orchestration manages user expectations while promoting orientation within the depths of a publication.

Specifically, in the section mosaic, when a reader accesses the article details, the animation comes from the bottom of the screen, introducing the top media before snapping into place.

The effect of this orchestration is an organic and smooth transition that gives the user the perception that the page is loading quicker. This is due to the cleverly engineered behavior and direction of the animation when a user enters another navigation level

When the user swipes to access the next article, the animation is initiated from the left or right of the device, depending on the direction of the swipe, indicating navigation at the same level.  

When a user closes an article to return to the section mosaic, the effect is reversed to clearly indicate the return to a navigation level.  

Beyond the apparent UX benefits these animations deliver, there is also a significant advantage on performance across devices. The sophistication of this orchestration also delivers more uniform performance across smartphones, addressing the sub-optimal behavior lower-end devices could demonstrate at times.