Partners on the One Ad per Page business model with Marfeel-produced Facebook Instant Articles need to perform some simple steps to ensure they keep generating and receiving payments for the ad impressions made in that channel.

To make this an effortless and quick process, Marfeel sends partners an invite from the Facebook app to complete the Developer Payout Registration process. 

This is an important step because if this information is not entered, Facebook will not insert more impressions after the publisher's Facebook Instant Articles have accrued $100 in advertising revenue. 

Complete the developer payout registration from Marfeel's invite

  1. The partner provides Marfeel with their Facebook username or ID. These credentials are necessary for Marfeel to send the invite. For more information regarding how to locate your Facebook username and ID, see this article in the Facebook Help Center
  2. The invitation the partner receives is a notification and can be viewed and accepted in one of the following:  
    The partner must accept it and enter the payout information they are requested. 
  3. If the partner does not enter all the payout information necessary, they will receive emails and notifications from Facebook indicating that ad impressions will not be inserted into their Facebook Instant Articles until the payout information in complete.