Marfeel-produced Facebook Instant Articles are equipped with the features and behaviors that promote recirculation and maximize the revenue generated for each user through increased engagement

To encourage the increased discovery of more of a publisher's Facebook Instant Articles, the swipe feature and related articles component ensure that users organically and effortlessly engage with and consume a multitude of articles within the Facebook app. 

Horizontal swipe

When a user accesses a publisher's Marfeel-produced Facebook Instant Article, the UI indicates that more articles are available through the bullet pager and leverages the instinctive swiping user behavior to encourage the reader to discover and consume more of the publisher's Instant Articles.

At the bottom of a partner’s Facebook Instant Articles, Marfeel inserts the next articles from the same publication.

When a reader taps a related article, they access it and are once again encountered with the same recirculation features to maximize engagement and ARPU (average revenue per user).