Marfeel publishing partners that want to get started with Connect and aggregate all their revenue streams in one central place for a holistic, comparable view of their performance, just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact your Customer Success Executive and inform them that you'd like to get started with Connect. 
  2. When your Customer Success Executive confirms that your Connect access has been activated, in Insight, click Connect under the Reporting menu.
  3. You must first aggregate your Google Analytics account. It's vital that publishers add their Google Analytics account so Marfeel can calculate their ARPU (average revenue per user); the metric that delivers a real reflection of performance by dividing total revenue by total traffic. For detailed steps on how to aggregate Google Analytics, see the Connect Google Analytics article.
  4. You can now connect all your other supported revenue streams. For details on how to connect a specific data provider, click one of the options below:

Access the Marfeel Connect dashboard   

Marfeel partners can access their Connect dashboard at any time by completing one of the following two procedures in Insight:

  1. Click Connect under the Reporting menu.