There are different ways to activate Marfeel-produced Google AMP pages depending on the CMS (content management system) a publisher uses and whether their AMP pages will be served over HTTP or HTTPS. 

While setting up AMP pages over HTTP requires less manual effort, it's also important to note that serving AMP pages over HTTPS does not provide significant benefits as a publisher's AMP content is served by Google's servers.

For publishers that use WordPress, a Marfeel plugin is available that automatically converts their articles to AMP pages when installed, regardless of the security protocol they use.

Marfeel partners that use a CMS other than WordPress must insert a line of HTML code for every article they want AMP activated. If they want to serve AMP pages over HTTPS, there are some added manual steps that must be performed. 

Access the corresponding article below depending on the CMS and security protocol you use for detailed instructions on how to activate Marfeel-produced AMP pages: