Marfeel's business models cater to all sizes of publishers (that meet our minimum threshold) and were created with a very specific purpose - to maximize a publisher's revenue. 

Marfeel recommends that all advertising monetization be left to them so they can optimize it with the latest programmatic technologies and their sophisticated SSP (Supply-side Platform) team. However, Marfeel also provides exceptional solutions for publishers that already have an advanced network configuration by incorporating this into their platform. 

The business models Marfeel offers are:

The following table presents a brief overview of each:

 EnterpriseOne ad Per Page



Marfeel manages all of a publisher's ad space, utilizing their leading expertise in the mobile landscape to maximize a customer's revenue.

Marfeel uses the second fixed ad space on a publisher's page and runs a premium ad there that Marfeel maintains control of.

How it works

Using sophisticated algorithms and a dedicated SSP (Supply-side Platform) team, Marfeel optimizes RTB (real-time bidding) to maximize revenue.

Marfeel plugs in the publisher's JavaScript ad server tags in all the positions in the inventory, so the customer can control them from their ad server.

With expert insight into the mobile ecosystem, Marfeel can determine the best business model for clients depending on their current advertising infrastructure. In order to provide prospects with the best model for them, it's important that they provide Marfeel with as much information as possible regarding their current monetization strategy.