The growing dominance of mobile as the preferred device to surf the web and consume media has created a set of expectations. 

Readers on mobile now demand instantaneous load times with the threshold set at under one second. Delivering optimal speeds is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity.

The reality is, if a publisher's mobile site doesn't meet a user's evolving expectations for rendering times, the reader will simply abandon the session and the only thing that will be left behind is a sizeable bounce rate and lost revenue.   

By the numbers 

A DoubleClick by Google article presents a set of staggering figures for how mobile speed, or lack thereof, drastically impacts a publisher's engagement metrics and revenue potential.

Some of the statistics provided in the article that offer overwhelmingly compelling evidence on the importance of mobile speed and its impact on publishers include:

  • 53% of mobile visits are abandoned for pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load
  • sites that take 5 seconds to load when compared to sites that loaded in 19 seconds demonstrated:
    • a 25% increase in ad viewability
    • a 70% boost in average session time
    • a 35% decrease in bounce rates
    • double the mobile ad revenue

Marfeel's speed

Marfeel understands that in addition to compelling and relevant content, optimal mobile speed is a key part of the equation that leads to the increased engagement and the maximization of ad revenue that Marfeel targets for every customer. 

That's why instantaneous load time is a cornerstone of the Marfeel offer and has cemented Marfeel's role as industry leaders in mobile speed alongside Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP.

In just one example, Marfeel improved a publisher's page speed from 5-7 seconds to loading in under 1 second. Combined with Marfeel's revolutionary UX, this lead to an 89% increase in traffic, 383% boost in pageviews, and a 140% surge in time spent on site. 

In another case, Marfeel improved page speed by 200%, leading to a 175% increase in revenue per visit, a 200% page view growth rate, and a decrease in bounce rate by 300%.

To see more concrete examples of how the Marfeel solution's instantaneous load speed and ingenuity have paid substantial engagement and monetary dividends for customers, just take a look at some of the case studies and testimonials at