Marfeel offers customers the option to integrate a link to their classic desktop version in their Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA).

By design, the Marfeel PWA is engineered to deliver an optimal and elegant UX that maximizes engagement and the revenue a publication generates through its instantaneous speed, smoothness, and constant analysis of user behavior. It's how some Marfeel customers have seen a 383% jump in pageviews or 175% increase in revenue per visit after activation.

Yet for publishers that still want to provide their readers with the option to view the desktop version of the publication on their device, Marfeel offers this ability. 

Depending on the customized design layout of a publisher's Marfeel PWA, an easy-to-find classic desktop version link can be integrated in the following locations:

The rate of users who access a publisher's classic version from their Marfeel PWA is extremely low, and users who access it several times and choose to remain in the classic version is even lower.

Some of the reasons users may access a customer's desktop version include accessing specific pages or content within a publication such as the website shop, newsletter subscriptions, privacy policies, and so on, that are not Marfeelizable.

However users normally access these pages through a specific link dedicated to that page and not necessarily the classic version link; the event is normally carried out through a very particular link as demonstrated in the following image. For more information, see the External Links article.

Less experienced, new users who may be more apt to defer to a publisher's classic version are particularly nurtured by the intuitive nature of the Marfeel solution through a reading experience that mimics the fluidity and ease of flipping through a magazine. The Marfeel PWA even teaches new user behaviors that optimize UX for new users. To learn more about how Marfeel facilitates user behaviors that boost UX and engagement, see the Swipe article. 

To optimize a reader's UX, Marfeel identifies when and the frequency at which users choose to access a publisher's classic desktop version. To prioritize user preferences and ensure readers rediscover a customer's optimal Marfeelized mobile site, Marfeel manages these users according to the following system:

  1. When users access the classic version for the first time and return to the publisher's Marfeelized mobile site 30 minutes later, they reenter the Marfeel version.
  2. If a user accesses the classic desktop version three consecutive times, they will be directed there automatically every subsequent time they access the publisher's site on a mobile device for a total of 15 days. 
  3. After 15 days, the user is reintroduced to the publisher's Marfeelized mobile site to re-experience the optimal UX provided. If the reader chooses to access the classic version again, they will once more be automatically directed to the desktop version for another 15 days before being reintroduced to the Marfeel version.