Marfeel's Finance team is committed to operating under the most stringent best practices. However, they routinely receive questions on a monthly basis from Marfeel's partners on the finer points of Marfeel's processes and protocols when it comes to invoicing and billing.

The following is a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions the Finance team receives and their answers.

Payment-related questions

1) When is a Marfeel partner paid?

Marfeel partners on the Enterprise business model are paid after 60 days net after activation of the Marfeel solution, and then receive payments on a rolling monthly basis after that. 

2) Can Marfeel partners receive payment in wire transfer instead of PayPal?

The options to receive payment depend on the monetary size of the publisher. Partners that generate more than €1,000/month have the option of being paid in USD ($) or Euros (€) via PayPal or wire transfer.

Partners that don't meet that threshold are paid via PayPal in Euros (€).

For more information, see the Bank Accounts Management article. 

3) Can Marfeel partners be paid in USD ($) instead of Euros (€)?

To select between the two currencies to be paid in, a partner must generate more than €1,000/month. 

Partners that do not meet that requirement are paid in Euros (€).

4) Can Marfeel partners define a threshold of money owed that needs to be accumulated before payment is made?

Due to responsible and diligent finance and accounting practices, all Marfeel partners can only be paid on a monthly basis regardless of the size of payment to be made.

5) If a partner changes their bank account information, will they immediately be paid in the new bank account?

If a partner changes their bank account details, their first invoice to the new account is payable within 60 days net. Any payments to be made prior to the 60-day period are invoiced to their old bank account. 

In addition, partners that change their bank account information should also send an email to informing them of this change. 

5) Why didn't a customer receive their money?

There can be several reasons why a customer did not receive the money:

  • They didn’t reach the 60 days. If it is not the last day of the month, they can still receive the money.
  • They didn’t add any payment details in Insight. You’ll need to look at the invoice they are talking about and see if payment details were included.
  • Payments are blocked by direct sales/CS instruction. 

Invoice-related questions

1) Can a partner be sent the invoice for a specific month?

Marfeel partners can access and download digital copies of all of their invoices in Insight. For complete details, see the Invoicing article. 

2) Is the amount of a partner's invoices reflected in Insight to track monthly earnings?

When a partner accesses their invoices, they are displayed in a table in chronological order and indicate the amount of each. For more information, see the Invoicing article.

3) Can a partner issue their own invoice?

Only Marfeel issues invoices for partners on the Enterprise business model. For more information, see the Types of Invoices article. 

4) How does taxation work in Spain for partners that are individuals (and not registered companies)?

Marfeel's partners are professionals in a B2B context. In the exceptional case that partner is an individual living in Spain, they should observe the correct and proper VAT movement. If they are not entered in the VAT register, the total amount of the invoice and VAT should be declared in the respective Income Tax (IRPF).