The type of invoice a partner receives depends on the business model that they adopt according to the following:


Enterprise business model partners receive an "invoice issued by the recipient" meaning that the invoice is made out to the name of the partner but is created by Marfeel.

These invoices are fiscally and legally accepted. In cases where a partner wants to issue their own invoice, Marfeel pays 60 days net from the date of receipt of the invoice issued by the partner. 

One Ad per Page

In the One Ad per Page business model there is no transaction of invoices between Marfeel and the partner.

Fixed Fee / Variable Fee

Partners on a Fixed Fee / Variable Fee model receive an invoice each month issued by Marfeel. This payment model is no longer supported. 

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Marfeel's partners are professionals in a B2B context. In the exceptional case that partner is an individual living in Spain, they should observe the correct and proper VAT movement. If they are not entered in the VAT register, the total amount of the invoice and VAT should be declared in the respective Income Tax (IRPF).