Marfeel supports Smart ad server ads that serve direct campaigns for a publishing partner's Facebook Instant Articles. This is significant because it allows partners to enhance their monetization strategy on a key traffic acquisition channel that's part of Marfeel's 360º solution.

Start serving Smart ad server direct campaigns on Instant Articles

The process to start serving Smart ad server direct campaigns is as simple as sending an email with all the requisite information, as explained below:

  1. Send an email to your Customer Success Executive with the working Smart ad tags. Be sure to specify that the tags are for your Marfeel-produced Facebook Instant Articles. For more information regarding the information that's required along with ad tags, see the Ad Tag Requirements article.
  2. Publishing partners can also use the Ad Validator in Insight to ensure that their ad tags are working.


The ad tags can only be used to serve direct campaigns in accordance with Facebook's policies: Facebook does not allow third-party programmatic selling and buying for Instant Articles. For more information, see the Ad Sales and Serving section of the Instant Articles Policies document.