Mobile usage is growing exponentially and becoming the dominant method in which the world is connecting online. To stay relevant, publishers require a strong mobile presence that delivers an optimal user experience in order to reach their audience and respond to the evolution of how the world consumes content. Most importantly, they also need to capitalize on this pivotal revenue stream with a decisive monetization strategy for mobile. 

To meet the challenges of an evolving mobile landscape, publishers face the daunting task of selecting a service provider that meets their needs efficiently without draining their resources.  

Marfeel doesn't just meet the needs of publishers; it exceeds them and offers the ideal solution that optimizes a publisher's mobile site for UX and maximizes their revenue. This article explains how. 

The Marfeel offer

The Marfeel solution delivers the following two fundamentals all publishers desire for their mobile needs:

1 - A revolutionary Progressive WebApp with optimal UX right out-of-the-box

Marfeel equips every publisher with a unique solution that doesn't require any installations, upgrades, or downloads. It's ready to use right out-of-the-box so customers can efficiently amplify their engagement and revenue metrics through an optimal mobile site

To see how the Marfeel solution dramatically changed this customer's position in the mobile ecosystem, click here.  

2 - Maximizing monetization in mobile

The Marfeel solution is a revolutionary PWA that is monetization driven. 

Marfeel's main concern is to optimize the yield per visit in the unwavering effort to maximize a publisher's mobile ad revenue on the back of an engaging UX that increases traffic and session time. 

Take a look at some of our case studies where revenue per visit increased by 175% or monetization efforts improved by a staggering 350%.

The Marfeel advantage

When compared to competitors, Marfeel is by far the best solution available. Here are just some of the reasons why:

1 - Installation 

Installing Marfeel is effortless and doesn't require any internal IT support. All that's needed is one line of JavaScript in a customer's existing web code. 

Moreover, the Marfeel solution can be installed in minutes, while competitors can take weeks and even months to deliver a new mobile site. 

For more information, see the Marfeel Garda article. 

2 - Control and visibility

Marfeel customers preview and experience the product, offering any and all feedback before making a decision. 

3 - Performance

Marfeel is the best performing solution today. 

After conducting multiple A / B tests with different providers, Marfeel always beats them in all the key engagement metrics such as pageviews, session time, bounce rate, and so on. 

For more information on Marfeel's performance, see the Speed and Smoothness article. 

4 - Speed

Marfeel's load-time is unmatched.

To learn more about how Marfeel provides industry-best load times, see the Speed and Smoothness article, or read a case study on how a customer's page loading speed was reduced from an average of 5-7 seconds to under 1 second with the Marfeel solution, putting Marfeel on equal footing with Google AMP pages and Facebook Instant Articles.

5 - State of the art

Marfeel's engineers are constantly improving the product at a vigorous velocity to bring all updates, new developments, and the industry's latest and brightest features to every customer, automatically pushed and implemented across all mobile sites. 

The competition's solutions on the other hand are usually a closed project that become outdated after only a few months due to the rapid evolution of the technical mobile landscape. 

6 - SEO improvements 

Marfeel significantly improves a publisher's SEO.

To learn more, see the SEO - Search Engine Optimization article. 

7 - Google Certified

Marfeel is both a Google Certified Publishing Partner and a Google Technology Partner, positioning Marfeel with the best in the industry as an active player in the evolution and betterment of the mobile experience. 

To learn more about what each partnership entails, see the What it Means to be a Certified Google Publishing Partner and Google AMP articles. 

8 - It's free

There are no implementation costs. Marfeel's monetization comes from a system of ad revenue sharing according to one of their business models.

For more information, see the Business Models article.